Home sweet home!

So our first 2 weeks in August were spent at home in the UK. It was an opportunity to see friends and family whilst also getting ready for the coming year in China. In order to get our visas for China we had to go to the Chinese embassy in London. We had attempted to […]

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Hong Kong on a budget

Hong Kong has been the most expensive place we’ve visited & it’s notorious for being overpriced. Having overspent in Indonesia though we were determined to claw some of that money back & have a great time in Hong Kong! Here are our top tips if you’re on a budget… Accommodation: We had booked accommodation before […]

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Our top tips for visiting India!

We’ve just finished a 2 month stint travelling around India. Here are a few things we’ve learnt along the way which we hope will help others… 1. No matter how long or short you’re stay is… get an Indian SIM card. This will make so many things easier. You can save numbers for good tuk […]

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Trains, trains and more trains

We arrived in Almaty Saturday. It felt like a very long journey to get here. We had a 3 hour train journey from Burabay to Astana. Stayed overnight in Astana and then caught a 20 hour sleeper train to Almaty. The train journey to Astana gave us our first glimpse of a sleeper train. We […]

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Kazakhstan: Burabay National Park

After spending 1 week in Astana we travelled north to Burabay National Park. This is a famous area in Kazakhstan and is often referred to as the pearl of kazakhstan or the Kazakhstani Switzerland. We found trying to get accurate information prior to going a bit difficult. Due to the limited info from prime travel […]

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