What’s next?

We quit our jobs in January. Got rid of most of our worldly possessions and set off to travel round Asia for 6 months. After a brief 2 week trip home and a family holiday in France for 2 weeks we are here in Changsha, China. This is our home for the forthcoming year. We […]

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Lac D’Annecy

Part of the reason for heading home half way through our travels was to celebrate Rach’s Mum’s 60th birthday with a family holiday in France. Lake Annecy is one of her favourite destinations so that’s where the tribe headed. Its a long drive from the Midlands so we took our time over it, stopping overnight […]

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Home sweet home!

So our first 2 weeks in August were spent at home in the UK. It was an opportunity to see friends and family whilst also getting ready for the coming year in China. In order to get our visas for China we had to go to the Chinese embassy in London. We had attempted to […]

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Hong Kong on a budget

Hong Kong has been the most expensive place we’ve visited & it’s notorious for being overpriced. Having overspent in Indonesia though we were determined to claw some of that money back & have a great time in Hong Kong! Here are our top tips if you’re on a budget… Accommodation: We had booked accommodation before […]

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Indonesia: Bunaken Island

Bunaken is an island just North of Indonesia’s 4th largest island Sulawesi. It has fantastic reefs for diving and snorkelling. We were hoping to spend a week on Bunaken and then head South to Komodo Island but we found that doing Komodo and Raja Ampat was just too expensive so we decided to extend our […]

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Nepal – beauty and mountains

Well arriving in Nepal was probably the most stressful international travel experience we’ve had so far! Our original flights to/from the Maldives were cancelled and so we had to change them. This meant that our flights out of the Maldives consisted of 2 internal changes in India before arriving at Nepal. To cut a long […]

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