Discovering spirituality around the world

I’ve always been searching for more to what’s on the surface of everyday life. That search led me towards God and I became a Christian in 2009. 8 years on and I now have the privilege of working for the Diocese of Leicester helping others to find their way through life.

However over the last couple of years I’ve suffered with depression, anxiety and grief (1 year on). Throughout, I’ve only been able to ask questions and doubt, my main questions are: who are you God? And how can you do this?

Part of travelling is to help keep asking these questions. Not necessarily answering the questions but continuing on the journey to discover a new way for me.

One of the ways I connect with God most is in nature…I just love being outdoors. I’ve never been in a mountain range before so I can’t wait to do that. In particular we visit the Tien Shan mountains in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan – destination 1), and the Himalayas in Nepal.

I’m interested in how spirituality is expressed in different cultures, particularly Christian spirituality, but I can’t wait to experience how other faiths express their spirituality too.

Some of our writing will reflect these experiences we have throughout our travels; exploring the similarities and differences of spirituality around the world in different cultures.

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