India – Destination 2

2 months in India. Starting from New Delhi and heading South throughout the country to the region of Kerala. That is our plan.

As mentioned in 1 year on, this is going to be a special trip for us. Following in my Dads footsteps and seeing some of the places he’s seen, sharing in some of his experiences.

We’ll start with a few days in Delhi, where we’ve spent a bit more money to stay at a ‘poshtel’ (LetsBunk poshtel) and get used to the sights and sounds of India for the first time.

We’ve then borrowed some of this route from the brilliant travel blogger, Anna via Global Gallivanting…might as well use what someone else has already done!!

With a few of our own adjustments

The big difference is that we’re doing it in reverse!

We’ll also be staying in a guesthouse in Kerala with a family that Dad got to know and using it as base for exploring that area for a couple of weeks, hopefully immersing ourselves in all that South West India has to offer.

We’re also open to opportunities that present themselves as we arrive and meet new people. 

A couple of books that We’re enjoying reading are: Shantaram


City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi

Both available from amazon. Shantaram is a really humorous novel looking at the dark side of Mumbai and City of Djinns is a classic piece of travel writing about Delhi.

If anyone has any tips or advice do comment.

3 thoughts on “India – Destination 2

  1. Hi you two. Great news of your epic journey. Gary would be so proud as am I! Keep me informed pse. You will love Canada – great scenery, food and people. We would go back like a shot if we had enough dosh! Do take great care and return safe and well. Lots of love Grandad Alan and Kathy. XXX


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